Guidelines for creating your property listing:

 Although our service charges you no commission, we are a licensed Real Estate agency in each state & territory in Australia. Whilst your property is listed through our service, our agency (Sale By Home Owner) is still representing your property at all times.

In accordance with other websites and au’s acceptable terms of use policy, your ad must comply with the following guidelines:



  1. No names or contact details are to be added to the description:

In accordance with the terms of use policy, no home owners names, contact numbers, emails or addresses are to be added to the ‘description’ of your listing.

Buyers can get in touch with you through our buyer connection number (1300 841 864) which will be displayed with all advertising. You will also receive an email copy of all buyer enquiries.


  1. Your property address must be displayed as the legally listed address as shown on your rates notice:

Your property will need to be displayed exactly as it appears on your rates notice. You must not differ the address in any way. Do not list your property in surrounding or near by suburbs.

For example:

Not allowed  -  “10 Smith street, BRISBANE, QLD”

Allowed         – “10 Smith Street, PADDINGTON QLD”

Any listings that do not comply will be will be corrected to the correct address.



  1. Do not refer to yourself in the property description:

You must be referred to in the third person. Do not use the terms “I” or “we”.

For example:

Not allowed - “I am open to offers”

Allowed:       - “The owners are eagerly awaiting all offers”


Not allowed - “We renovated the property back in 2016”

Allowed:       - “The property was renovated in 2016”

  1. Only one property and One address per listing:

Multiple properties and multiple addresses are not to be displayed on a single listing. Separate properties and addresses will require separate additional listings:

For example:

Not allowed -  “units 1, 2 & 3 / 10 smith Street”

Allowed          “unit 1/10 smith street”

                        - “unit 2/10 smith street”

                        - “unit 3/10 smith street”



  1. You must be the legal owner of the property to list your property:

Only the legal property owner can create their property listing. We require proof of ownership to be uploaded upon completion of your listing and ‘before’ your listing can appear live online.

So that we can verify you are the legal owner of the property, the Proof of ownership documents we require  include a photo ID of all property owners + either a copy of your rates notice, a utility bill, a property title document or another satisfactory document to verify your ownership. also cross checks ownership data via National property ownership databases.


  1. Price section must be only be used to display the price:

You must abide by your states legal regulations with regards to pricing. Due to underquoting laws in NSW & VIC, properties in those states are not permitted to advertise as “Offers above” “offers around” or with a ‘+’ symbol. A suggested price guide may be used.

For example, in VIC & NSW:

Not allowed -  “offers above $750,000”

                           “offers around $750,000”



Allowed         – “$750,000 - $780,000”



  1. Property photos & property videos:
  • Must not have any additional text, font or borders on the image
  • Must not have contact details, phone numbers or emails displayed on them
  • Must not disclose private, personal or confidential information
  • Must not be a collage of multiple images on 1 image. Only 1 full size image per photo
  • Property photos are purely for the purpose of showcasing the property itself. Images showing any people in the photo will not be approved.
  • Property videos can not have any agency branding or advertising on them

Any property videos will need uploaded to and a youtube link will need to be emailed through to We will manually check your video complies with REA’s guidelines and we will then manually add the video link to your listing for you.


We reserve our right to edit or remove any content that does not comply with our listing guidelines or, (or any other affiliated websites) acceptable terms of use policy. 

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