Hidden Real Estate fees to consider

What are some Hidden Real Estate fees to consider when Selling your Property?


There are a number of hidden or unknown fees to take into consideration when selling your Property. These include:

Advertising fees can vary significantly and be negotiated with your real estate agent. Sometimes they're included, but most times they're now. Depending on which marketing channels your real estate agent implements as part of your selling campaign, your marketing costs will vary.

It’s a good idea to request a breakdown of marketing costs from your real estate agent before you sign them on, this will ensure there's no nasty surprises at settlement.

Some real estate agents in Australia will include marketing fees within their commission, and other agents will charge marketing fees in addition.


What’s usually included in marketing costs?

  1. Property listings on real estate websites
  2. Property listings in local print publications such as newspapers and magazines
  3. A sign board for the front of your property
  4. Professional photography and videography
  5. Flyer and brochure creation for open for inspections
  6. Social media amplification of your property listing
  7. Marketing fees can vary between $500 and $4000 in Australia.


GST (Goods and services Tax)

Be sure to check with your agent if your commission is inclusive or exclusive or GST prior to signing any listing forms.


Auction or Auctioneer fees

As with the Advertising expenses, some real estate agents will charge an auctioneer fee on top of the commission amount. This is for the services of the auctioneer on auction day. An auctioneer fee generally will set you back around $600, this is usually a booking fee, which is non-refundable if you sell prior to auction (and no longer require an auctioneer)


Staging fees

This is optional, however home staging is the process of preparing your home for inspections, photography and selling day. Some professional photographers now offer photoshop staging, where they can professionally insert nice furniture into the photos to make the space seem more appealing.





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