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Find the right Armidale Real Estate Agent - The Real Estate landscape in Australia has changed dramatically in recent years.

Paying a Real Estate agent was once the only way a home owner could attract a buyer, but the enormous popularity of the internet, means that almost all Home buyers today are searching for Homes Online! - Making it incredibly easy for Home owners to Sell their own home & potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in the process!



How to find the right Real Estate Agent:

Firstly, weighing up whether you need to use a Real Estate Agent for your sale. If you don't live in the same town as the property you intend on Selling, then using an agent may be an easier alternative. However, if you live in the property yourself, or if you live within driving distance (to show potential buyers) then Selling your own Home can be a much cheaper alternative.

On average, you can expect to save anywhere from $8,000 to $17,000 selling the property yourself.







Armidale is a suburb located in the Armidale Dumaresq Council local government area of Northern Tablelands, New South Wales. Armidale has a population of 22467 residents, with an average income of $685. The median price for houses is $361,046 and the median price for units is $269,864. House prices in Armidale have grown by -0.83% in the past 3 years and -0.37% last year. Unit prices in Armidale have grown by 15.31% in the past 3 years.

The average house in Armidale is rented for $345 per week and returns a rental return of 5.57%. The median weekly rental price on units is $230 and the rental return is 5.46%. Houses in Armidale take an average of 189 days before selling and the average time for a unit to sell is 221 days. There were 308 houses sold last year and 27 units sold last year in Armidale.


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