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How do I find buyers to Buy my place online?

How do I find a buyer to Buy my place of residence? - Selling your place of residence is by far one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. Not surprisingly, the idea to Sell Your own Home can seem like a daunting process, especially if you're new to the concept...

However, it's actually incredibly easy, and once you've Sold your Place Privately, you'll never go back...

Is it hard finding a Buyer to Buy my Place?

The 'Sell My Place' or 'For Sale By Owner' process is very simple, it's just a matter of doing a some homework. The first step to finding a Buyer to Buy your Place is you'll need to list your Place for a price that is competitive within your local market Place.

For Buyers to be interested in your Place, your price will need to be appealing. You can do this by searching the recent Sale prices for similar properties in your area. This only takes about 30 minutes, as all the information you need is in the Sold section on

Is it legal for a buyer to Buy my Place or land without using a traditional agent?  - Yes, Selling a House Privately in Australia is completely legal, very easy, & it will save you thousands of dollars in Agents commission & expensive advertising fees.


Here's some Helpful links to get you started:


Buy My Place - Finding the right buyer for your Home

on the cost of Selling your Home
Average cost of using a Real Estate Agent to Sell a $500,000 Property - $16,500 commission + $3,000 Marketing *
TOTAL: $19,500
Average cost of using to Sell a $500,000 Property - $595.00 (Platinum Package)*
TOTAL: $695.00

View some our "Sell my Place" Packages below:

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Buy My Place


So what are the main benefits if I Sell My Place?

  1. When a Buyer Buys your Place Privately you save thousands in commission.

  2. Yes, You pay no Real Estate commission – ever.

  3. When you're selling your own Place, you deal with the buyers. You're in control.

  4. You deal direct with the buyers. There is no Agent or middleman.

  5. If a Buyer Buys your Place through you, they'll generally feel a lot more comfortable than dealing with an agent

  6. You can sell your Place quickly without working to the agent’s schedule.

  7. You make all the decisions – you're not restricted to what the agent demands.

  8. If a Buyers interested in Buying your Place Privately, as there are no agent costs, there is a lot more room on your end for negotiating.

  9. You can hold your own Open Homes & viewings so Buyers can come and view your Place a lot more freely (Real Estate Agents only offer 30 minute open homes once a week)

Technology, smart phones and the internet now makes it incredibly easy for Buyers to Buy your Place online:

The birth of the internet has made Buying and Selling a breeze. The internet has enabled people to connect with one another in a way like never before. Having a Real Estate agent in past was essential for anyone looking at Selling their Place. In Todays digital age, it now as simple as creating an ad & advertising on or Domain.

Selling a house privately online is no different to selling cars, motorbikes, household items etc.. it's just a matter of getting some nice photos, writing a brief property description & waiting for buyers to get in contact with you.




Sell My Place now, or Sell My Place later?

The buyer Demand for property in Australia has undergone substantial growth over the past few years. Properties can be sold by owners in less than one or two days, especially in larger cities – without using traditional real estate agents. More and more people are preferring to Sell or Buy their Place Privately.

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