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Our ‘Create New Listing’ page on our website is currently undergoing a major UPGRADE over the next 1 to 2 weeks. But don’t worry, you can still List your property with us online during this time. You can easily do this by following the Steps below:

Step 1: Please Email through the Following details for your property:

(Email to: [email protected])
  1. Your Full Property address
  2. Your property ‘Headline’ & ‘Description
  3. How many Beds, Bathrooms, Car accommodation and the land size on the property
  4. Your asking price
  5. Please email through all Photos for your property (You may need to Email these across over a few emails if the images are large in size – Maximum of 10MB per email**)
  6. The Contact Name, Email and Phone number you would like the enquires to go through to

Step 2: Process Payment for your chosen listing package:

You can find the prices for all of our Listing packages on the Home page on our website here.
Click the link below to process payment for your chosen listing package:

Step 3: Sign the general listing form for the type of listing you’re creating

Step 4: Submit proof of ownership documents

So that we can verify you are the legal owner of your property. Please email a copy of your (the owners) Photo ID + either a copy of your Rates notice, the property title, or any other legal documents that verify you as the legal owner of the property.
(Email to: [email protected])

Step 5: Logging in and editing your listing

Your listing will appear live online usually a few hours after you’ve completed the previous steps. Once your listing is Live, it will be linked to your login account, where you can then login at any time to edit or update your listing online as usual.
Need help or have any questions? – Please use our LiveChat feature on our website or email [email protected] for Customer Support.
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