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So, How does our ‘Sale By Home Owner’ service work?

Selling your property is actually a lot easier than you may think. You simply create an ad for your property with ‘Sale By Home Owner‘ & wait for buyers to call or email you to view or purchase the property. When you create your listing with us online, your home will be advertised on, & Australia’s other leading Real Estate websites (which is exactly where most Australian Real Estate agents find the majority of their buyers)


How will I receive buyer enquiries?

You will receive buyer enquiries via Phone & email, which will be sent through to your nominated Phone number & E-mail address. We use a phone unique enquiry code system for each listing online, so when a buyer views your ad & wants to contact you, they will call our buyer connection number (1300 841 864) which is attached to each of our listings online, when buyers call they will immediately be prompted to key in the 4 digit phone enquiry code that will be attached to the top of your ad online. Once the buyer has keyed in the enquiry code for your listing, they will immediately be given your contact number to get in touch with you. (the whole process take approx 30 seconds – very fast & efficient)

The reason we use a phone enquiry code system as opposed to having an owners number placed directly on their Ad is because & other websites do not allow any home owners (or agents) names, numbers or emails to be placed in the description of their listings online, as this violates their acceptable terms of use policy. The phone enquiry code system is simple & very easy for buyers to use, it also prevents your phone number and personal details from being displayed online.



So we Pay ‘NO’ commission at all when our property sells?

Correct! – Our service fee for our Sales packages is paid upfront when you list your property with us, so we we not charge ‘ANY’ commission at all when your property sells. We are an ‘Open Listing’ service Australia-wide, so you are not legally bound to any exclusive agreements with us.

Should you choose to, you’re Free to additionally list your home with as many other Traditional Real Estate agents as you like. You can remove, update, edit or change the status of your property whenever you like, to do this, simply log into your account & make the changes.




How much money will I save by selling my property myself?


This varies depending on the sale price of your property, however most ‘Sale By Home Owner‘ customers can expect to save on average anywhere from $12,000 to $22,000 in agents commission & they’ll usually save anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 in Advertising expenses.




How many photos & how much text can I put in my Ad?

You can upload up to 33 images of your property when creating your ad. There is no word limit for the amount of text you can include in your advertising text. You can login at any time to rotate or remove images, as well as edit any of your advertising text.





What ‘For Sale’ & ‘Rental’ Packages do you offer?

We have a Sales Package to suit any property. View our available packages below & select the one you feel best suits your needs. Click next to each package to view the full details.


BASIC Package – $395.00 – click here to view

GOLD Package – $495.00 – click here to view

PLATINUM Package – $595.00 – click here to view (most popular)

PHOTO SIGN Package – $965.00 – click here to view

PROFESSIONAL Package – $1,450.00 – click here to view 

ULTIMATE Package – $2,345.00 – click here to view

RENTAL Package – $139.00 – click here to view




Do you provide property signage?

Yes, we do! A number of our packages include property signage. We also offer large metal photo signs that can be professionally installed out the front of your property (see the Photo sign package). Our photo signs work as a 24 hour salesman out the front of your property, showing passers by multiple photos, property details & your contact information. If you don’t require property signage, our ‘Basic’ & ‘Gold’ packages will most likely suit.

– Standard ‘For Sale’ corflute signs are 700 x580

– Large metal photo signs are 1800 x 1200





How long does it take for the Signage package to arrive?

Our ‘For Sale’ & ‘Open Home’ signs usually arrive within 3 to 7 business days. They are delivered via Australia post to your nominated postal address. Australia post deliver straight to your front door, if someone is not home when they arrive, they will leave the sign package in a safe place or place a ‘collection’ card in your letterbox & instruct you to come and collect your package from the nearest Australia post location.





Can we hold our own Open Homes?

Absolutely! – Open Homes are a great way to get multiple buyers through your property in a short time frame. It also creates urgency amongst buyers if they see that theres other potential buyers also interested in the Home. You can add/remove your Open Times at any time by logging into your account & adding the date & times in your ‘Open Homes’ section of your account. Your Open Home date & time will be displayed for all buyers to see in the days leading up to your open Home date.

We provide ‘Open Home’ flags & directional signs with most of our packages to help you promote your Open Home & make it easier for buyers to locate your property.





Do I get property brochures with my listing?

Yes, all listings receive Free printable property brochures. You can access these brochures by locating your listing on & following the steps below. You can print an unlimited amount of brochures yourself at home. Some of our higher price packages also offer professionally printed gloss brochures that will be delivered to you.






Can we Upgrade our listing on to be seen by more buyers?

Yes, you can! – All of our customers have the option to upgrade their listing at any time. All of our listings will appear on & other websites as a standard listing. Upon listing your Home, if you choose to, you have the option to upgrade your listing online for a 30 day or 45 day period. Upgrade pricing vary for each Suburb in Australia, so you will need to send through a quick email to request the Upgrade pricing for your suburb.

A listing upgrade makes your Ad appear larger and appear higher & more prominent in the search results. A listing upgrade can get you anywhere from 2x to 15x more buyer views, enquiries & phone calls.


About Listing Upgrades – Click here to view more

‘Premiere’ Listing Upgrade – Click here to view explainer video 

‘Highlight’ Listing Upgrade – Click here to view explainer video

‘Feature’ Listing Upgrade – Click here to view explainer video 





Watch our ‘How to list your Home’ explainer video below – This will easily walk you through the process Step by Step.



Ready to go? – Click below to


Any Questions? – Ask us via E-mail for an immediate response –



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