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How Much do Real Estate Agents charge in Australia?


Real Estate Agents charge different commission rates depending on the state or city you're selling in. One of the first things owners often do when selling their property is factoring in their costs involved with selling. The main thing most people consider are – fees and How much do Real Estate Agents charge.

Usually, when hiring a real estate agent their fees cover the cost of Advertising the property + their service fee (Real Estate commission)

The average Real Estate agents commission in Australia varies depending on which state or area you live in. Metro vs. regional areas – the lowest is about 1.6% and the highest can be about 4% (or higher).

Across the country the average charge is around 2% to 3% of the sale price of your home, or from $12,500 to $15,000 when selling a $500,000 house.

Some agents charge the GST component 'ON TOP' of their commission, so there can be an additional 10% on top of their overall fees. ($1,250 - $1,500 on top)

The Marketing costs usually are on top of this, and can also vary a lot – from around $500 - $5,000. (depending on the amount of advertising you choose)



How to Sell without paying Real Estate agent fees?



Selling your Home without agents in Australia is legal, incredibly easy, & it will save you thousands of dollars in Real Estate Fees & expensive advertising fees.

On average, most of our customers save between $12,500 up to $25,0000+ in Real Estate Commission, plus an additional $500 to $4,000 in advertising expenses.

In today's digital age, almost all buyers are online & come from websites like or Selling your own Home is easier than most people think, it's as simple as taking a few photographs, writing a property description & waiting for the buyers to ring! - lets quickly walk you through the process below:





So what are the main benefits to Selling your own Home without Paying Real Estate Agent Fees?

  1. You save thousands in commission and expensive advertising fees (average saving is $17,000).

  2. You pay no commission on the sale of your home – ever.

  3. The owner stays in control, and don’t sign any lock in contracts.

  4. You deal direct with the buyers. There is no Agent or middleman.

  5. Buyers will generally prefer to deal directly with you, the home owner.

  6. You can sell quickly without working to the agent’s schedule.

  7. You make all the decisions – you're not restricted to what the agent demands.

  8. As theres no agent costs, you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars.

  9. You can hold your own Open Homes & viewings whenever you like, for as long as you like.



Calculate the cost of your Real Estate commission here with the Real Estate Fees calculator:







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Real Estate Agents charge different commission rates depending on the state or city you're selling in. Usually between 2% to 3.5%


Watch our 'How to List your Home' Tutorial Video below:



How much do Real Estate Agents Charge?

Real Estate agents charge anywhere from 2% up to 4% of the sale price of the property


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