What is purple bricks & how did it start?

PurpleBricks launched in the UK in 2014 with analysts predicting they’d take 10% of market share. Today, there are conflicting opinions about their success in the UK, with some news outlets reporting mounting losses. Despite these claims, PurpleBricks remain positive about their move into Australia with co-Founder, Michael Bruce, telling the AFR,

“We talked to thousands of people across Australia and we found Aussies were far more vocal about the need for change. They’ve been paying far too much, for too long, for too little, and want a credible alternative.”



How are PurpleBricks different to traditional real estate agencies?

So PurpleBricks agents operate entirely online, they partner with local real estate agents and refer to them as ‘local property experts’. Purplebricks’ agents are assigned a postcode as their service area & can recruit other agents to work under them.


Unlike traditional real estate agents who offer a commission-based service, PurpleBricks charge a flat fee of $4,500 for private sale or $5,500 for sale by auction. This fee will include:

  • Support from a local property agent (according to their website, PurpleBricks currently have approximately 55 agents across Australia)

  • A Free Property appraisal

  • Property Photography, property descriptions and floor plans

  • Advertising across and Domain

  • when it comes to viewings, they are an extra $550 if you want PurpleBricks to conduct them for you

With property viewings, you can choose to pay up front or later down the track, but this requires a separate agreement with RateSetter, their peer-to-peer financial partner.

The biggest upside to the Purple bricks method of sale is they offer a flat fee structure and the opportunity to save expensive commissions (approx. $13,500 on a house that sells for $510,000). However, unlike traditional agents this flat fee is payable whether your home sells or not.

The property agents employed by PurpleBricks don’t usually have a physical office as such but the will work remotely visiting you at your home. One other difference is that PurpleBricks don’t hold open viewings; prospective buyers need to make an appointment to view your property. This can be a downfall, as a very high amount of buyers purchase direct off Open Homes.



Why the 'For Sale By Home Owner' method can be more favourable than Purple Bricks:



The "For sale by Home owner" method bypasses the real estate agent, meaning you (the owner) is in complete control of throughout the entire sales process.


Comparison of the For Sale By Home owner model & the purple bricks is below:

  • Our Sale By Home Owner customers can hold open homes at any time of the day (or night) - Purple bricks cannot offer this.

  • Both use a ‘flat fee’ structure saving agent commissions for the home owners

  • Both fees include marketing costs and exposure across the major real estate portals like and Domain

  • offer a far cheaper alternative (From $395.00) (compared to $4,500 at PurpleBricks) The only major difference is, we do not provide agents to physically show buyers through your property for you. As the home owner you will need to show potential buyers through the home when they contact you (which is very straight forward & involves very little work)

  • SaleByHomeOwner is a fully licensed real estate agent in every state & territory in Australia. Our team provide a good support presence & you'll receive online & phone support when you need it.



Both the 'For Sale By Home Owner' method & the 'Purple Bricks' method offer Home owners a well overdue alternative to the expensive process of selling your property using a Traditional Real Estate Agent. Both services are very similar & offer almost the exact same amount of buyer exposure online. If you feel you can answer buyer phone calls & emails, & feel comfortable showing a buyer through your property yourself, then the 'For Sale By Home Owner' method is an extremely easy way to save yourself thousands of dollars.





The Real Estate landscape in Australia has changed dramatically in recent years. Paying a Real Estate agent was once the only way a home owner could attract a buyer, but advancement in technology and the enormous popularity of the internet, means that today everyone is online. is one of Australia’s leading ‘For Sale by Owner’ Real Estate sites. We act as a fully licensed Real Estate agent in each State & territory in Australia. We offer the full online platform; software & services you need to List & Sell your own Home online. There’s also No hidden costs, No agent fee’s, & you Pay No Real Estate commission on the sale of your Home.

On average, Real Estate agencies in Australia sell as much as 95% of their homes direct off Online advertising on sites like, which means Home owners today can now advertise their own home direct to Millions of buyers online, and save tens of thousands of dollars in agents commission.

By listing your property with us, your home will be advertised on, & Australia's other Leading Real Estate websites. (websites vary depending on the package type purchased. You’ll receive all buyer phone calls & enquiries to your phone or email.

Our state of the art technology allows you to easily advertise and conduct your own ‘Open for Inspections’, it also allows you to upgrade your ads, and make them even ‘more’ visible to buyers than a lot of your local Real Estate agencies. For more information on Selling your Home online, phone 1300 609 392, or email

To view all available packages, click the 'PACKAGES' menu on the top of this screen.


Watch our 'How to List your Home' Tutorial Video below:


Watch our 'Sale By Home Owner' Promotional video below:



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