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How to Sell my land privately:


How do I sell my land myself? - Well, you've come to the right place! - We assist Australian Property owners with Selling Land privately in every state & territory.

Through our service, you can sell your land yourself by getting your property listed on all of the major real estate sites such as, & others without using a traditional real estate agent.

Of course, there's also no commission or agent fees paid on settlement, saving you Thousands of dollars!


Selling Land without a traditional agent has become incredibly popular here in Australia


More and More Property owners each year choose to sell their land without using a traditional agent. When you sell it yourself, you stand to save an enormous amount of money in expensive Real Estate fees & commission.... In some cases, its tens of thousands of dollars!

As land requires no Real Estate agent intervention for inspections or Open Homes (the buyers usually go and walk over the property themselves without an agent) - Essentially, you're paying an agent thousands of dollars to take a few photos and put an ad on the internet.


View our 'Sell your Property' Packages below:

(For land, we suggest the Gold Package or the Photo sign package)


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- See below: Recently Sold blocks of land by our customers via -

selling land privately - Selling my land


What Property owners say is the Biggest benefit to Selling without an agent?

Apart from the enormous financial benefits, the other benefits to selling land privately are:

  1. In addition to saving in commission, the owners save in expensive advertising campaigns
  2. Complete control over the property sale - No more waiting around for the agent to give updates
  3. Transparency over the entire sale. No shady business or miscommunication between the owner, agent & buyer.
  4. Not being pressured to reduce the price for a quick sale. 


How do you assist in my selling my land?

In todays technology age, most people are using the internet to sell just about anything and this includes selling land, Property, boats & cars.

In Australia, the two biggest websites for residential properties for sale are and By advertising your property through us, your land will be listed on these sites, as well as a number of other leading Real Estate websites.


Is it legal for me to Sell My Land myself?

Yes. It is perfectly legal. Selling land does not need to be done through a Real Esate Agent.



Selling land: What do I need to do to sell my land myself?

When selling land yourself, you need to communicate with buyers yourself, and potentially meet with buyers to negotiate a price. However, this can also be done via phone call, text message or email.



How do I prepare a contract of Sale?

Any local conveyancer or solicitor or will be able to prepare a contract of sale. They can also assist with overseeing the signing of the contract.



Is there any commission payable to 'Sale By Home Owner' after I sell my Property?

No there is absolutely no commission payable. NONE. Sale By Home Owner does not charge ANY commission on the sale of any of our properties. We receive a small, upfront fee via our packages below when the property is listed. Our customers on average save anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000+ on the sale of their properties.

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Watch our Step-by-Step video below on How to Sell without an Agent:

selling land sell my land australia

Please note: is a fully licensed Real Estate agent in each state & territory in Australia - 'Sell without agent' refers to the use of Traditional, commission based agents*

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