Why Sell without an agent?

Why you should sell without an agent:


So, How and Why should you Sell without an Agent?- Selling your home without an agent gives you control over the entire sale process. You get to take the driver’s seat and do everything on your terms. There's a lot more freedom and less pressure throughout the entire process when you're in control of everything yourself. Everything from scheduling inspections with buyers to how you advertise your home is on your terms when you're selling without an agent. 


Selling without an agent has become incredibly popular here in Australia


This space is growing - AND FAST! - More and More Property owners each year choose to sell their own homes without using an agent, as opposed to using a traditional Real Estate Agent. When you sell your house yourself, you stand to save yourself an enormous amount of money in expensive Real Estate fees & commission.... In a lot of cases, its tens of thousands of dollars.


The internet had made it incredibly easy to Sell without an agent

The internet has made the process of buying and selling goods unbelievably easy. Sales and transactions are made daily over a simple click and a phone call. In todays Real Estate Market, there is less and less need for the traditional Real Estate agent or middle man to facilitate the sale.

With emerging the emerging technology that Sale By Home Owner provides , selling property is now as easy as listed your home online & waiting for the buyers to call. 

We advertise on all websites that almost all Australian property buyers search to purchase their next property. The 2 major websites are &




What Home owners say is the Biggest benefit to Selling without an agent?

Apart from the enormous financial benefits, the other benefits to selling privately are:

  1. In addition to saving in commission, the owners save in expensive advertising campaigns
  2. Complete control over the property sale - No more waiting around for the agent to give updates
  3. Transparency over the entire sale. No shady business or miscommunication between the owner, agent & buyer.
  4. Not being pressured to reduce the price for a quick sale. 


We offer the 'Exact' Same advertising opportunities as Agents, without the huge commission 

Selling property traditionally with a Real Estate agent will usually result in a 6 to 12 week marketing campaign, consisting of online advertising, listing the property on major real estate websites like & 

What’s great about selling privately with Sale By Home Owner, is you have access to the 'exact' same advertising opportunities as traditional real estate agents, except you can now hold your inspections or Open Homes whenever you like, and there's no commission to be paid at the end of the sale.

Another great thing about Selling your House Privately is you have the freedom to sell your property according to your schedule. When it comes to Open for Inspections, you may choose to host a 1 hour or 3 hour open home during the Peek inspection hours on Weekends, to give your buyer more of a chance to inspect the property. This is opposed to the normal 15 to 30 minute window agents will set aside for your property on the weekend.

Considering you have the exact same advertising opportunities as Traditional agents, it’s no surprise that the average time it takes to sell a property privately matches the Real Estate industry average of 60 to 90 days.

Sell without an Agent? - Wouldn't it just be easier to pay an agent?? 

How much is your time really worth to you - Lets break it down for you below...


For example, let’s say your home is worth $700,000. With the Australian average commission rate being 2.9%, that means fees of approximately $20,300. 

Everyone is different, however, on average, it may take the everyday person 12 hours of their time in total to sell their house privately. That includes the listing process, photos, inspections, negotiating & settlement of the home. 12 hours of your time, for a commission of $20,300 works out to be $1,690 per hour! - How many times in your life will you ever be afforded the opportunity to be paid $1,690 per hour??

Although there is a small amount of work involved, the rewards for your efforts are incredibly high. Selling your home privately is just a smart financial decision for any property owner.

Watch our Step-by-Step video below on How to Sell without an Agent:



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Please note: is a fully licensed Real Estate agent in each state & territory in Australia - 'Sell without agent' refers to the use of Traditional, commission based agents*

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