How to Find a Private Landlord

how to find a private landlord

How to Find a Private Landlord

These days, a lot of tenants decide that they would prefer to rent through a private landlord because they are fed up of paying the costly letting agent fees, which were costing the average tenant between $250 to $500 in 2020′.


6 Tips for Finding a Private Landlord

We have detailed the best ways for you to find private rented accommodation, so you can take the stress out of searching for a new home.

Private tenant agreement forms

Private tenant agreement forms


1. Find Private landlords Online

Property Marketplaces and Portals

There are so many websites that house a list of private landlords to list their properties online. However, you need to be wary for fraudsters posting fake listings, with the rise in online rental fraud increasing in 2020, it’s very important to make sure your landlord‘s property listing is legitimate. Also has a lot of private landlords advertising for tenants online.

2. Finding private Landlords on Facebook or Social Media

FacebookTwitter, Instagram etc., are all great ways to find private landlords. Joining local groups for property, or even just general groups, is a great way to find property in your area being let by a private landlord.  There are thousands of landlords out there trying to get their property on every platform that they can, and since social media is free, most will freely plaster their rental all over every single platform, searching for tenants. However, like many online sites, there is always the threat of a scammer lurking behind every post.


3. Ask Your Local Council if they know anyone taking on Private renters

A lot of local councils sometimes have a dedicated page on their website to help guide their residents on finding local private accommodation, with a special emphasis on renting privately if you are receiving DSS and other benefits. Many also offer advice about the whole process from start to finish, such as searching for a home in the local area,  how to navigate the interview process and negotiating the amount of the deposit and rent to pay in advance.


4. Find Private tenants in Local Newspapers

Another method private landlords use to advertise their properties is publishing in the classifieds section of their local newspapers and magazines. Although the rise of online listings websites have become increasingly popular, you can still find some properties listed the ‘old fashioned’ way.


Tips to finding private tenants for your property

Tips to finding private tenants for your property

5. Check Shop Windows and Community notice Boards

An often over-looked space where private landlords choose to advertise, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at community notice boards and local shop windows for property listings. You can always put up a wanted ad in a shop window or on your local community board, saying a little about yourself and what kind of property you are looking for and a way people can get in contact with you.



6. Use Word of Mouth to put feelers out there for Private Landlords

Often the best way to find a property through a private landlord is by word of mouth. Often these can be recommendations through a colleague, friend, family member or even if you make a post on your social media platforms such as Facebook or Google+, you never know who in your social network may need to rent out a spare room or property, so it’s always worth trying this avenue too. As the saying goes, if you don’t ask, you won’t get.

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